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[#Seamless Webinar] Preventing cyber attacks: How to manage zero-day exploits to protect your business
Zero-day vulnerability attacks have become one of the most serious cyber threats. The accelerated digital transformation across global economies and intensified software deployment have increased attack surface causing zero-days exploits to reach an all-time high in 2021.

There is no doubt that digital transformation is critical for business to thrive and even survive amidst economic uncertainty and increased customer expectations, and the discussion on how companies can better defend themselves against cyber-attacks is now more crucial than ever.

So, we are bringing you this free to attend interview session with the industry experts who will share about the current state and trends in zero-day exploits. Deep dive into some of the user case study that can help you better prepare and manage your business when such attacks happen to ensure continued day-to-day business operations.

This live fireside chat is brought to you by Seamless APAC event, sponsored by EDGIO will help you get practical insights on how you can manage and defend your business from zero-days exploits and shed light on:

- Getting real on zero-day exploits: What is at stake?
- How to prepare your business when such attacks come in.
- Understand key trends in zero-days vulnerabilities
- Hear first-hand experience from companies on how they manage and prevent such attacks

Our line-up of speakers:
- Deb Pal, Director - Digital Trust-Tech Risk Services & Strategic Counsulting, PwC (Interviewer)
- Laurent Perche, Regional Sales Manager – ANZ, Edgio

Who should attend:
- Software architects
- Head of E-Commerce
- Head of Payments
- Head of Digital
- Digital Transformation leads
- Third-party developers
- Product Heads/Lead
- Professionals whose responsibilities covers payments, e-commerce, security, customer experience, operations, digital and technology


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