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Building Connections that Matter for Learners
How to build resilience in our schools by deepening connections between learners, teachers, and our communities.

The future of education is now. The past twelve months have challenged schools and educators to become agile in the delivery of learning. As a result, schools have had to examine current teaching and learning practices and reflect on what significant changes they will make.

In this presentation, we explore how technology is being leveraged to forge and deepen connections between our learners, our teachers, and our communities. Global, National, and Local perspectives will be shared and discussed around these three critical themes of connection.
• Cultural sensitivity
• Mental Health and Wellbeing
• Technology-enhanced pedagogy
This is a webinar like no other where you will hear concrete examples as well as create new knowledge by interacting with fellow participants, so you build connections that matter.

Join us as we;
Have an opportunity to reflect on how you currently deepen connections and compare them with those of other speakers and participants. The intent will be to help you further solidify your understanding, potentially challenge you to new ways of thinking, and most importantly have you walk away with concrete strategies others are using to build connections through cultural sensitivity, mental health, and wellbeing practices as well as classroom strategies that leverage technology to deepen connections between students and teachers, peers and the broader community.

Nov 24, 2021 04:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Sue Beveridge
Australian Educational Advisor, Australian Educator and Digital Pedagogical Coach @SMART Technologies
Sue Beveridge is an Education Advisor advocating for the effective use of technology in teaching and learning and the creation of innovative learning environments. As a NSW Department of Education Senior Officer she delivered change strategies for key educational transformations, including the Connected Classrooms Program (connecting 2250 public schools via interactive whiteboards, video conferencing and social networking tools). http://cmslive.curriculum.edu.au/leader/default.asp?id=32307&issueID=12213 She is a Member of the Australian College of Educators (MACE) and (ACEL) has presented at conferences both internationally and nationally, led educational research and written widely.
Giancarlo Brotto
Global Education Advisor, and Co-founder of Catalyst @SMART Technologies
Engages with government officials, policy-influencing organizations, thought leaders, school system decision-makers and researchers to gain insights and influence impact in the education sector Served on the informal advisory group for the Skills for Social Progress Project – at the OECD Sat on the board of directors for C21 Canada- an organization promoting 21st Century learning across Canada Founder of Global Online Learning Alliance which convened over 600 senior government officials from more than 80 countries across the globe during the pandemic where they collaborated and made genuine policy recommendations to each other Currently a member of the steering committee for Karanga - a global alliance for social and emotional learning and life skills Global Education Advisor for SMART Technologies who you all know brought the worlds first interactive whiteboard into classrooms and now they create incredible software platforms for classroom globally.
Bec Woolnough
Educator, Innovator, Expert Trainer and Advisor @SMART Technologies
"Great things are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people." - Steve Jobs Changing the face of education both globally and within your own school walls can only be achieved when we connect, collaborate and innovate. After a 16 year career as a primary school teacher and digital pedagogical coach, I am now fortunate enough to work with ANZ & Asia Pacific Schools and Jurisdictions in transforming education. My work sees me learn and collaborate with national and international educational leaders on topics such as; > Optimizing Learning Spaces > SEL skills > Ed Tech Capabilities > Inclusive Education > STEAM > Embedding the digital and design curriculum into teaching and learning My passion is to work with school leadership and educators to develop a digital strategy that underpins the whole school strategy, and implementing an affecting change management plan.