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#TelecomsWorldAsia Webinar: SEA 5G and mmWave: Can 5G mmWave live up to its promise
The deployment of 5G & Millimeter Wave technology in Southeast Asia is a key enabler for the next wireless revolution, envisioning even better performance and more connected devices. Indeed, innovations based on this technology are expected to transform not only the way we communicate and interact, but also the way we work, study, commute, entertain -- overall, the way we live. One should not undermine the potential of mmWave to meeting the continued growth of mobile data traffic and at the same time maintaining the performance and quality requirements of a full 5G experience.

Join the following webinar to find out how Telecom Leaders can overcome challenges and bring truly 5G mmWave experiences to more people.

Key discussion points:
•Sharing the latest update and momentum of 5G innovation two years after initial commercialization
•Operator’s view on 5G and mmWave commercialization today
•Do 5G mmWave's limitations still exist and how these can be overcome?
•mmWave deployment opportunities scenarios and real-world performance
•Aligning private networks opportunities in the public and private sector


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