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#EDUtechAsia Webinar: The future of ICT jobs – everything you need to know
Educators must ensure that their
students will be equipped with the skills that they need to be part of the digital age’s agile, future-ready workforce. Those looking to get into the ICT field are at a key point in the industry, and the opportunities are rife. To effectively provide this knowledge to their students, educators also need to continuously upskill.

The ICT market has evolved in a way that everything is defined by components in the cloud, mobile computing and Internet of Things devices. Almost all this software runs on top of one of the multiple
flavours of the Linux operating system. In just half a century, ICT professionals have evolved great, and now they must return to their roots as people who need to know everything - and this ‘everything’ just keeps growing.

ICT professionals – also called DevOps engineers or Full Stack Developers - need to be forever learners. In this talk, Cesar Brod will illustrate how ICT careers have evolved and what you and your students should do to be attractive to the market.

Jul 1, 2021 05:00 PM in Singapore

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