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#HomeDeliveryAsia Webinar: How can fulfilment automation enable you to stay competitive in a pandemic world?
Join this exclusive webinar brought to you by Sealed Air and learn how getting fulfilment automation right can enable your business to stay competitive and grow during the pandemic.

E-commerce has experienced unprecedented growth against the backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But with this increased growth comes a significantly increased need for digitisation and technology deployment. If you can’t deploy fulfilment automation in your operations, your ability to scale will be significantly hampered.

But don’t worry, this free-to-attend webinar is here to help!

- Sandeep Chatterjee, Head of Emerging Technologies, Deloitte India

- Chen Wee Nge, Director for Systems, Integration and Automation, Asia, Sealed Air Corporation
- Michael Sawiris, Systems Integration and Automation Lead (ANZ), Sealed Air Corporation
- Khurshed Burjor Mirza, Warehouse Automation Director (APAC), OPEX Corporation

Our expert panel will show you why fulfilment automation is crucial to your overall strategy. Join us live online this November to:
- Identify and understand the indicators that you need automation in your fulfilment operations
- Learn how automation can enhance your fulfilment operations
- Understand how to accelerate your omnichannel strategy with automation
- Know how to drive sustainability across your supply chain
- Learn what the future holds for fulfilment automation
- See an automated fulfilment centre in action!


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